Accommodation and seminarroom in Vao Guesthouse, Järvamaa


Vao Guesthouse is located in Estonia, Europe, being the most northern country in the Baltic States.


 Visiting Vao Guesthouse, you will find yourself in the former sovkhoz village in central Estonia – Järva county, where time has taken it’s toll. The latest building in the village is the Guesthouse.  Completely refurbished and smoothly functioning Guesthouse offers you:


 -Seminar room rental for 30 people with seminar facilities and equipment.

-Accommodation for up to 30 people.

-Room rental for events with the possibility to use kitchen (kitchen facilities).


Vao Guesthouse has family rooms and suites with fireplaces, and a disabled room. Pets are allowed. Rooms are in apartments, so there is a shared bathroom and kitchen for every two rooms.



Taur Külalistemajad OÜ
Telefon: +372 529 1733

Soo tee 4, Vao küla, Koeru vald,
73003, Järvamaa, Eesti

Vao Külalistemaja